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“ The idea is to encourage independent forms of expression through dance which are distinct and give you food for thought,” she says. The project, Viewpoint, will bring together four dance performances curated by Datar to kickstart — what she calls — a community platform for contemporary performance artistes, separate from the commercial realm in the city "
Midday India.
“Through various exercises and prompts they will  explore the movement, physical  experience and socio-political ideas of “embodied touch”. The workshop is a part of the facilitators fellowship Research project awarded  by KCC.."
IF.BE Space, Mumbai
“ What makes this edition different from other performances in the city, is the interactive session at the end of the show. People find it a bit awkward to ask questions and perceive contemporary dance as elitist. The question and answer session post-show gives them a chance to ask questions or share thoughts about the performances "
Midday India.
“ The installation’s opening in March was accompanied by ‘Weft,’ a performance choreographed by Mumbai-based dance practitioner Avantika Bahl. Performers Melitta D’Souza and Shruti Maria Datar wore clothes with squares made by the quilt artisans, enacting the journey of the thread as it passes through the loom. ”
VoiceofFashionMagazine, India.
“ Datar, who studied the technique under Zambrano for a year in Brussels, Belgium informs that in this technique, participants stand together and move together, in a cohesive manner, thus creating a web." 
Midday, India.
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