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The Movement Arts Co creates and facilitates Dance and Movement curriculum within schools. The Dance program is aimed at creating well rounded, informed and inspired students. The program provides foundational skills across the Dance spectrum from western dance forms to indigenous and folk-dance forms. The program also focuses on appreciation of various Dance forms and cultural relevance of the same. We include video aids, discussions and ensemble thematic performances in alignment with school curriculum.


 The Movement Arts Co facilitates and conducts workshops in Contemporary Dance practices and Performance making across the country and abroad. The workshops are geared towards the artistic nature of the form and initiating critical inquiry into the body as a tool for expression. We also participate in and create performances for alternative venues and blurring the classically established boundaries between the performers and the audience


Curated by Shruti Maria Datar ‘Viewpoint’ is a platform for independent artists to showcase work-in-progress.An evening of short performances not longer than 10-12 minutes followed by a voluntary QnA.  We invite performances from the movement realm which doesn’t quite fit in the commercial world of Dance or the strict story telling nature of Theatre. Invested in the diversity of dance, ’Viewpoint’ aims to offer a space for artists involved in experimental forms of dance or performance to share their works with audiences and other artists or potential collaborators.

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